Privacy Policy

Updated on July 2020

1. User Information

Mutant Fingers, as Responsible for the user’s personal data treatment, informs you that, according to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament of 27 April and the Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on the protection of data and digital trademarks with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation), and that we will treat your data as it is hereby stated in this Privacy Policy.

In this Privacy Policy it is described how your personal information is collected and why we do it, what we do with it, with whom we share it, how we protect it, and what your options are about its treatment.

This Policy will be applied to the processing of your personal data, collected by our company for us to provide you with our services. If you accept this Policy , you will allow us to treat your personal data as described in this Policy .

2. Contact

Business name: Mutant Fingers
Commercial name: Mutant Fingers
NIF: 29079626J
Address: Granada, Spain.

3. Definitions

We have always been committed to giving services with the greatest quality standards, which include treating your data with security and transparency. Our values are:

  • Legality: We will only collect your personal data for specific, explicit and legit reasons.
  • Data minimisation: We limit the personal data collection to what is strictly relevant and necessary for what they have been collected.
  • Purpose limitation: We will collect your personal data only for declared purposes and according to your wishes.
  • Precision: We will keep your personal data correct and updated.
  • Data security: We apply organised and technical measurements, proportional to the risks, to guarantee your data security from threats such as data disclosure, accidental damage or unauthorized access and any other illicit action.
  • Rectification and access: You have access to check and rectify your data whenever you consider necessary.
  • Conservation: We keep your personal data only if it is necessary on a legal and appropriate way and only for the necessary time for what they were collected. .
  • International transfers: When your data were to be transferred outside the UE/EEE, it will be properly protected.
  • Third party: The transfer and access to your personal data by third parties will take place according to the established law and applicable regulations with the contract guarantees.
  • Direct marketing and cookies: We comply with the applicable legislation on marketing and cookies.

4. How we collect and treat your personal information

The categories of personal data that might be required and treated are:

  • Identification data
    We also collect automatically data about your visit on our website as it is described in our Cookies Policy.
    Anytime you are requested for personal information, we will clearly inform you which data is collected and for which purpose. Generally, we collect and treat your personal information with the purpose of:
  • In order to provide you with new products and services, updates in the field and other new information of interest to you.
  • For communication purposes.

5. Legitimate Interest

According to the Data Protection Regulation, your personal information might be processed only:

  • if you have given us explicit permission to do so. You may withdraw your consent at any time.
    for legal requirements.
  • for legitimate interests without being prejudiced by privacy rights, like for example, advertising and marketing communications based on your subscription to our newsletter or customer condition.
  • to keep to contracts and agreements, if necessary, between you and us.

6. Releases of information

The data may be shared with other companies related to Mutant Fingers. Your company S.L to provide the variety of services and products responsible as data processors. The company will not disclose any information, unless required by law.

7. Your rights

Regarding the collecting and treatment of your data, you may get in contact with us at any time in order to:

  • access your personal information and any other data mentioned in the article 15.1 of GDPR.
  • edit your personal information which might be incorrect or incomplete according to the article 16 of GDPR.
  • delete your personal information according to the article 17 of GDPR.
  • limit the process of your personal information according to the article 18 of GDPR.
  • require the transfer of your personal information according to the article 20 of GDPR.
  • object to the processing of the personal data according to the article 21 of GDPR.

Any specific consent given to us may be withdrawn at any time by you, not affecting the lawfulness of the process based on the previous consent given.

You can exercise your rights with an accredited and motivated communication to

You have the right to make a claim on the control authority ( if you think that the data treatment does not adjust to the valid normative.

8. Legal information

This Policy complements, but does not replace, any other requirement by the current data protection law which will prevail at all times.
This policy is subject to periodic checks and the company may modify it at any time. When this happens, we will let you know of any change and we will ask you to read our newest version of the Policy so that you accept the changes.