Knee pads, Sturdy&Soft


Knee pads by S&S and distributed by Mutant Fingers. Their outstanding lightweight and flexibility (without hard-rubber sheet) make them the most versatile in the market.
IMPORTANT: If you order the kneepad without multihold board, 6€ shipping fee will be added.


Integrated Vibram XS grip 2,5mm adhesive processed rubber with great grip. Thanks to its 2,5mm thickness, the kneepad adapts to any type of rock surface to have the maximum contact and adherence without creating a slab-side contact surface. Its increased thickness of 4,3mm breathable neoprene prevents rock’s shapes from causing discomfort to the leg’s muscles.
Our knee pads adapt to to both right and left leg contours. A 10cm velcro allows you to place the pad on the leg in order to make it easier for the final tightening, which is made by means of nylon straps clipped on duralumin d-rings. Two wide elastic bands tighten more evenly the whole pad facilitating the movement of the leg muscles.
Choice of S/M sizes aimed for legs whose contour ranges between 40 and 54 cm. L size is for contours over 56 cm.
Weight; 240 grams.
We include 3 straps with 3 d-rings if it is specified in the order.
Price 42€